5 Reasons to Use CSS Templates Over Content Management Systems


As technology advances, more and more Content Management Systems (CMS) were being developed to help Web Developers to create websites. Some of the more popular CMS include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. However, not all CMS were developed for the users in the first place, some are too difficult to use and some just could not get the buy in from the consumers. This article discusses some of the advantages that a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) has over conventional CMS.

The first advantage for using a CSS template is fast loading time. Most CMS has terrible loading time as they have a great deal of functions and reference to create for every click from the users. Using CSS for website creation will reduce most of the unnecessary loading time for a web page. A pure CSS template can be loaded at least twice the time shorter than a conventional full-fledged CMS.

If you have used a CMS before and has tried to change the template of the CMS, you will know that it is not a simple task especially if you are using that CMS for the first time. All CMS has their own convention and guidelines to design the templates and hence, you will have to follow and pick up their guidelines if you intend to change the layout. However, if you are using CSS template, you can simply change any element in the style sheets and it will reflect across the site straight away. CSS templates allow a greater flexibility when it comes to customization of design elements on a web page.

The third advantage boils down to templates availability. Most CMS do not offer a wide range of templates for the users. They leave it to the users or open source community to contribute. Here, you will find a nice template for your site unless you are using popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla. On the other hand, CSS templates are widely available and most are available for free as well. You do not have to pay for most CSS templates on the Internet.

The fourth advantage for using CSS templates is that you do not need to continue to update patches or download new versions. All CMS are 'live' and they continue to update their application security so it is important for CMS users to maintain and update the version from time to time. For CSS template, you only have to download once and use it for life (if you intend to stay with the design).

The last reason to use CSS template is that you can optimize your site for search engines easily as compared to using CMS. Most CMS do not have the flexibility to change the URL structure and other search engine critical elements on a web page. Using a CSS template will allow you to have 100% freedom to control every element of your web page.

To conclude, CSS template is a good choice if you already owns some web design knowledge and do not intend to have a lot of functions in your site. However, if you are new to website creation and in need of many functions for your new site, then a CMS is recommended regardless of the above advantages.


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