Which is a Better Web Programming Language?


There are several languages ​​that are used for internet programming and web designing, but there are two that are being used extensively and are considered to be very effective on all aspects – the.Net framework and PHP. It can be a little complicated when it comes to comparing or deciding on which language to implement.

Data integration, swapping information, adding enhancements, maintenance and security are the most common clients' requirements these days. Both these programming languages ​​are known for their effectiveness in these areas. However, there are quite a few dissimilarities which can help you choose between the two.

Here are a few distinct features of ASP.NET and PHP

Cost for Design and Development

PHP is an open source programming language which is available for free downloads. ASP.NET follows an entirely different rule. It only runs in specific windows operating systems. It also requires additional programs like Dreamweaver and Visual Studio for development and implementation. This not only toughens the work of a programmer, but also increases cost when compared to programming in PHP.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Hyper Text Pre-processor is an interpreted language. The code directly gets executed each time you run it. ASP.NET on the other hand, is an optimization and compilation language. Here, each time the program is written it goes a compilation process and then gets executed. It is known that compiled applications run faster but an interpreted language must follow manual instructions given on that machine. This is an effective way of execution since the programmer knows what is happening and maintenance is simpler.

Compatibility and Language Support

PHP runs on all servers and platforms like Windows, UNIX, Linux and Apache whereas ASP.Net runs only on Windows servers. PHP follows the C ++ language which is voted by all as the best ever programming language. ASP.Net support different platforms such as Visual Basic, C ++ and C #. It can only be advantageous when the programmer is comfortable using all languages. But statistics and reports show that the majority of the programmers still prefer using C ++ as their core programming language.


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