What are the Key Differences Between ASP.NET MVC and WEB API?


ASP.NET MVC makes use of activity methods to allow you in discovering the essential functionalities. Similarly users can also identify and discover all the essential functionalities of Web API also. However beginners often have a hard time in adopting the ASP.NET MVC methodology and also how to proceed with a Web API.

Let's take a close look at some of the key differences between ASP.NET MVC as well as Web API which might be of help for beginners while selecting between the two.

Discover the most important features of Web Application Interfaces

There are instances during which ASP.NET MVC may satisfy your requirements. Since ASP.NET MVC is typically attached to single and specific web application, it is known to have the ability to conceal the entire type of application requirements immediately with the help of AJAX. Thus ASP MVC controller avoids the need to create a new API as the methodology has the potential to work quickly for unaware the essential necessities for any given application while working with web applications. However if you are willing to make a comprehensive REST services that are not at all attached with any single application, then Web API would have the best choice to work with. Web API services serves the best if you are looking forward for a rich and flawless solution and also if the application functionalities are mostly information driven. However ASP.NET MVC is the best choice if you are about to work with UI / View driven programming methods that ranges from Ajax driven pages as well as stacking HTML sections etc.

Information Groups that needs to be managed

The output of an ASP.NET MVC would have been displayed in the form of HTML mark-up or JSON form since ActionResult or JsonResult is returned by a model view controller. The essential working features could be uncoached by harnessing the potential of activity strategies when the information groups provide the requirements during a specific event. However Webpage API will choose the information process wherein the form of Accept Header is taken in to consideration whereas the MVC controller indicates the working design in the form of ActionResult or JsonResult while composing the action methods.

Content Transaction

The returning content in the Accept Header format are what content transaction is all about. The content could be sent in different formats such as images or documents to the clients while working along with Web API whereas in most of the instances the content information would be sent either as JSON or XML.

Functioning as a Self-Hosting

Internet Information Service has to be hosted for unforgettable essential features available through a MVC controller. However Web API allows you to have an API within a custom hosting phase since Web API is considered to be a controlling system. This helps Webpage API to be hosted in a custom host that is lightweight as it allows the Web API to avoid various overheads of Internet Information Service. This is utilized to the maximum especially with services that are quickly verified by several clients such as desktop applications, console applications and web applications etc.

How important are the marks for strategy?

HTTP verb based mapping methods are often used by the Web API. It has to be noted that the same HTTP verb could not have various techniques and the only exception to mention would be the GET method which allows you to work with two methods. The knowledge of configuration confinements is also desirable to work with Web APIs. However there are no such limitations during an event of MVC Controller. The MVC model binding process often deals with the mapping procedure by making use of parameters of an action method. However both ASP.NET MVC as well as Web API could be used within a single web application depending on your requirements.


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