Website With E-Commerce Capabilities – Things to Look For in Web Hosting Service


For personal website, the only thing that you should look with web hosting company is sufficient web space. However if you are an online entrepreneur and want to host website with e-commerce capabilities, then there are specific requirements that you should look in the hosting company that you choose to host your website. Here are some of crucial aspects you need to take care when selecting them.

  1. Selection of type of web hosting – You require dedicated server or shared server hosting depends on two basic requirements. First one is the traffic to your website and second one is the amount of administrative freedom that you need. If expected traffic, people visiting your website is more then dedicated server will serve the purpose since dedicated server offers greater bandwidth. In addition to that dedicated server provides high security, customized applications like multimedia, e-commerce and database.
  2. Requirement of Web Space and Bandwidth – If your website has things to downloads for customers then web space needed is many times more than the normal space provided by web hosting company. Another important aspect to be taken care of is the bandwidth needed. Bandwidth requirement is decided by taking into account the number of visitors to your website.
  3. Platform Needed for Hosting – Web hosting is done on two platforms at present Windows and Linux. Depending on the language used in website designing, server technologies are to be selected. Windows uses ASP or ASP.NET with SQL while Linux uses PHP with SQL.
  4. Domain and Subdomains Requirement – Domains have a very significant role in increasing traffic to your website. Similarly subdomains are utilized for improving search engine rankings of your website. This is very important in increasing your online business, since more the people visiting your website more are your chances to increase earnings.
  5. High level Security for Online Transactions – Not only your web host should provide you e-commerce functionality but its server should have highest degree of security for online transactions. If your customers require making online payments then there should be no apprehension about the security involved in financial transactions. The server should have SSL certification for online money tractions.
  6. FTP Accounts – In case you have people working in your website from different locations then you need more than one FTP accounts. At times general public is permitted to access various directories in your website for that you will require anonymous FTP. Thus your hosting company should be able to fulfill this requirement in that case.
  7. Periodic Server Backups – In order to prevent data loss, your host must have a powerful backup system. Web hosting company must backup the data to external device so that any server failure does not result into data loss. You have to check for periodicity of backups.
  8. Connectivity Speed – The connectivity between your web host and internet is of utmost importance for speed. While selecting web hosting service check for connection between it and internet backbone. Any visitor cannot wait for long so if your web site takes more time you are bound to loose many visitors and hence the sales.


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