Using the Search Facility in Windows


The windows search facility is amazing. I will give Microsoft an A grade by deploying this feature in all their operating systems.

The search facility lets a user search a file name for a specific pattern or for a similar name. The search facility also lets the user search for string names inside files. The search facility also lets the user search for files of multiple types such as doc files, PDF files, PPT also. This is really amazing as a normal dos batch file supports searching through only text file extensions. So, this search facility can skim through all types of file extensions such as TXT, DOC, PDF etc., The technology has either been built on binaries or on Component Object Models.

In an earlier generation of systems, one would have to use the command line for searching. This is more so in Unix based Operating Systems. Also DOS by default supports only text searches, as other file extensions are built by vendors, one requires to use Binaries or Component Object Models.

This not being enough, it also sorts the files searched on date, time, size.The feature is available as a WIN32 API that can be accessed by any external program such as Visual Basic or ASP.NET or VB.NET or C #. The complexity of developing this feature has fascinated me as one can imagine so many file types that require to be searched by the Windows program. All in all Kudos to Microsoft and hope they can keep springing such surprises.


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