Useful Application Architect Interview Questions


As far as the application architects are concerned, let me tell you that they are the person who provides the overall guidance for creating the entire software architecture of organization. Actually he provides the framework around which all the company goals revolve. However if you want to become an application architect then you will have to pass an interview.

Some of the interview questions which can be asked from you are as follows:

1. Describe your knowledge in computers.
I am definitely quite experienced now. I have knowledge of many computer technologies. I know ASP.NET, PHP, Joomla, Flash, JavaScript, EJB, Servelet, J2EE, J2ME, and J2SE and so on. I also know about database software like Oracle 9i, 8i, 10g, 11g, 12g and so on. This really proves that I have a very deep knowledge in computers.

2. Can you describe the responsibility of this kind of architect?
I can definitely describe it. As an application architect I have to design and develop the overall application architecture. This is definitely a key role and hence one can assume that the application architects are very important for any company.

3. What are your strength and weaknesses?
This is definitely one of the questions which might confuse you. As far as the strength is concerned, it is quite sure that you will speak a lot. However in case of the weaknesses, you might keep mum. However I would like to tell you that both of the reactions are wrong. You can always say that your strength is that you are workaholic and this is also your weakness. If the recruiters ask you to explain that how the same thing is your strength and weakness as well, then you will have to explain it. You can say that I get more money, because it is my strength. Sometimes I am asked to work more and I can not say no. In such cases it is my weakness.

4. Why do you feel that you are the best person for this job?
I am definitely the best person for this job. This is because I have the educational qualification. I have also the work experience. As far as the knowledge is concerned, I have already stated what I have in me. All these points prove that I am the best candidate for this job.

5. What salary would you like to get?
You should just sum up by saying that you want the best salary package in the market. This much is enough and you should not speak more.

These are some of the interview questions which can be asked from you.


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