Introduction to Web Hosting Server Side Language


There is countless website in the internet today and to make yours stand out from the rest, you will need something special. One way to achieve that is to have a dynamic server-side scripting language. What is this? Well, it is a script that could do extensive task on the web server. So, there are many languages ​​available which you can use to enhance you web hosting account.

Among the popular scripts are ASP, JSP, PHP and Phython. ASP is known as Active Server Pages. This language is created by Microsoft and is suited for business because of its dynamic capability in content which are unparalleled. Then come along ASP.Net, the second version of ASP which further improves ASP. It provides you with more than one language to be use in the website design. Because it is created by Microsoft, both of the language is most commonly found in Window-based servers where you can utilize with FrontPage and MS SQL.

The second language that is commonly use is JSP, Java Server Pages. This language is very famous for enterprise solutions because it has the serve-side operation function. It is amongst the favourite for programmers because it uses a program called servlet that works with HTML in making website. However, this language is more complicated and therefore, only experienced programmers can use it to the fullest. It could be a disadvantage for new users but if can get the skills to use it, you will be able to create very interesting sites.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is also very well known among the scripts. It is considered as the easiest script to master and is becoming very popular in the past few years. By being simple, it is widely used by developers and also normal webmasters. There are many guides you can search for to help you grasp the method of using PHP. They are often found in open sources and books. Another factor that made it popular is the fact that it is often include in cheap and even expensive hosting packages.

Another language that we should know about is the Phython. Although it is not as popular as the ASP, but it is one of the oldest languages ​​it is very easy to use and works well with any typical applications out there. It is a multi purpose language that enables you to create good graphics for programs that is heavy. It is a well balanced script that provides you a little something for everything.

The right scripting Choosing language really depends on the web hosting company's operating system. You will need the language ad therefore you have to learn it if you do not know it. The ideal way is to start of with something simple rather than going for one that is going to create tangles in your mind.


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