How To Quickly Generate ASP.NET Code From Your Database Design


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How to quickly & easily create a dot net application – No programming experience needed.

I am a DBA. I can design and create enterprise-level databases. Databases are my passion! I went on the search for an easy-to-use tool that can quickly turn my database into ASP.Net. I have tried a couple of CASE, prototyping, and code generator tools, but was mostly disappointed. Then, I found Iron Seed Designer. I was so impressed that I decided to tell the world!

How does Iron Speed ​​Designer work? You simply point to an existing Oracle, MS Sql Server, or MS Access database and then use a wizard-driven interface that builds a sophisticated, database-driven application. The application can then be configured and customized. Best of all, it worked! No errors. No nonsense.

The success of the generated code will be dependent on the database design. A poor database design will most likely generate a poor application. Likewise, a properly designed database with optimized referential integrity with generate your application with master-detail, code lookups, etc! It was really amazing. The generated system include searching, sorting, screens to view more detail, screens to add information, and a menu. You can choose if you want inline SQL or if Ironspeed should generate stored procedures in your database.

The creators of Iron Speed ​​Designer will tell you that you can generate enterprise-level applications. My experience was that this tool has the potential, but may be better suited for smaller systems, prototypes, and jad (joint application design) sessions. The generated code is superb and can be customized via the standard Dot Net development tools. Via the Iron Speed ​​Designer GUI you can configure and do a little bit of customization.

I did a little demo where it took me less than 10 minutes to create a database table and used Iron Speed ​​Designer from scratch to generate an application based on this table. View the demo page here .

You can download a free trial of Ironspeed Designer at


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