Fast Database Application Development Review


Fast database application basically revolves around the concept of identifying and using database applications that are easy and fast. Below I present some examples of such software you can use so read on.

There are many reasons why a fast database application is necessary. For example, when developing a custom database to manage your business information or need a quick update for an ecommerce site – that will help minimize downtime while updating the site.

In order to produce the best application you need to clearly specify the user interface design, the database design, business rules processing design, test plan, the process of implementation. You should also have a training plan and the all the necessary hardware plans ie deployment / acquisition plans, database normalization, stored procedures and triggers.

Now once that is done you need to create a conceptual database design and you should also use a modeling tool to test all the database indexing structures. Believe me doing this will enable you to achieve a really fast database application development when you go for "mass production" or full-scale development.

When looking into getting down and dirty with work you can consider MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Alpha Five or Access databases. Some other latest development technologies include C #, ASP.NET, and VB.NET.

Now examples of rapid or fast database applications development tools include Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC), which you can use for building .NET applications using SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and MySQLdatabases. Others include Clarion, eDeveloper and NConstruct, which is a Windows and Web rapid enterprise application development tool and environment for .NET framework.


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