DataGrid and GridView in ASP.NET


ASP.NET version 1.x have one most commonly used Web controls that is DataGrid. DataGrid control helps to display data on an ASP.NET page just like a breeze. we can simply drag and drop the DataGrid on our webpage, we can also specify columns/fields and we can also format that fields and columns. There are some feature of DataGrid that’s helps end user to page, sort, and even edit the data within the DataGrid.

After that DataGrid takes a huge improvement over pre-ASP.NET techniques for showing data,But have some limitations till now. For starters, binding any data to a DataGrid still required some code to written, and often repetitive code at that. And something more that how to utilize any of the DataGrid more advanced features-handling deletes, providing pagination, or sorting support-required additional code and time.

ASP.NET 2.0 gernate some facility to fixes the problems of the DataGrid through a set of data source controls designed to manage data that can be bound to data Web controls, and a replacement the DataGrid with GridView control.For accessing data in ASP.NET 1.x, developers need some code.with the help of data source controls,data can be easily accessed through simple syntax in the HTML portion of the ASP.NET Web page.The data source controls can be added to a page by simply dragg and drop.And, the specific data to retrieve can be specified entirely through the Design view. Once a data source control sholud configured, it can be easily bound to a data Web control, just like GridView, by setting the data Web control’s DataSourceID property to the ID of the data source control.

Data source controls in ASP.NET 2.0 access data with quicker and easier with compare to to ASP.NET version 1.x.GridView also makes showing that data much simpler than with the DataGrid in ASP.NET version 1.x.

With the GridView you can specify that the data be sortable and/or pageable by simply checking a checkbox.This process is also when Delete column.

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