Controls Available in ASP.NET


There are a number of ASP.NET controls some of these are explain bellow.

o HTML server controls: – HTML elements helps server so we can use for us in programming. HTML server controls expose an object model that maps very close to the HTML elements that they render for so we can get HTML server control in programming.

o Web server controls: – These controls are more features than HTML server controls because as name suggest these are on web so helps lots. Web server controls does not contain only form-type controls such
as buttons and text boxes, but also contains some special-purpose controls such as a calendar. Web server controls are more abstract than HTML server controls in that their object model does not need to reflect HTML syntax.

o Validation Controls: – These collect logic or we can say conditional controls that allow us to test a user input. We can simply attach a validation control to an input control and test what the user input in the input control. Validation controls are provided to allow you to check for a required field, to test against a specific value or pattern of characters, to verify that a value lies within a range, or we can also compare and also take a validation summary.

o User Controls: – These controls are helpful where we have to use that particular control at many places. We can include Web Forms user controls in other Web Forms pages that help in creating menus, toolbars, and other reusable elements.

oOther controls: – These control are preferences for mobile devices. For creating the mobile application we use same framework which we use for web application, but we create Mobile Web Forms instead of Web Forms
pages and use controls specifically designed for mobile devices.

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