Benefits of ASP-NET Is an Acronym For the Active Server Pages


ASP.NET is an acronym for the Active Server Pages. NET, is a brilliant framework developed by Microsoft.

ASP.NET is extremely useful for creation of web applications, and web pages, and forms an essential part of the web goodies developed for any online content. ASP.NET not only facilitates usage of scripting languages, but also allows you to incorporate usage of extremely efficient next-generation programming languages like Java, VB, C+and the likes of them.

Looking at the historical perspective, in the earlier days, development of well-designed web-pages was a tedious task, and the developers had to put in rigorous efforts due to lack of efficient technology and a complete framework.

As a result, soon after the release of IIS, a powerful technology like ASP.NET was in high demand for developing proficient web-based applications within a short time without putting-in too much of human labor.

As far as the orientation of the technology is concerned, ASP.NET is surely of the server sided technologies, built on a common runtime, which essentially means that it is supported by any Windows server, allowing you to host the attractive yet efficient ASP.NET websites.

There are plenty of benefits of using this resourceful web-empowering ASP.NET technology, and the primary one is obviously the available of the built in resources, a feature-rich toolbox, and many other highly useful facilities to facilitate the developer as well as the end-user. Consequently most of the famous websites running today, such as the eBay, Amazon etc are powered by the ASP.NET, and probably the technology is the key to their proficiency.

Moreover the ASP.NET easily goes hand-in-hand with the ADO.NET and other useful resourceful technologies and as a result, the process of development becomes lot easier. Above all there aren’t any compatibility issues, as it is a universally accepted standard today.

The ASP.NET powered applications incorporate processes that can be accurately monitored by the ASP.NET run time, and can be managed efficiently so as to accommodate large number of users at a time.

The fault-tolerance of the applications developed with the ASP.NET technology is also pretty high, and everything is highly portable under such a flexible environment, wherein using HTML in conjunction with the other technologies becomes a cake-walk.

Undeniable you will need to put in good efforts to learn ASP.NET, but once you are done with it, the proficiency of your work would obviously be a lot higher than before. You would always have an edge over the others in the market, as possessing thorough working knowledge of the ASP.NET technology will not only make your present task easier, but also present you with good career-opportunities in due course. It is surely one of the latest upcoming technologies, and with the demand of web-based applications increasing like never before, the future of the ASP.NET technology seems to be a promising one for sure.


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