Automated Testing Is Made Easy With Telerik Test Studio


Software testing is a vital process that is used to identify the correctness, quality and completeness of computer software. It checks whether the actual result that is delivered by the software matches the expected results or not and ensures that the software system is free from any defects. Software projects require significant investment in testing and this includes time, staff resources, additional costs and etc. and to keep the cost to the minimum, companies adopted the automated method that speeds up the process and reduces the costs of investments to a great extent. Automation involves scripts that are run for repetitive tests that would be difficult to perform manually.

Telerik Test Studio helps the developers as well as the users with tools to create and execute automated scripts and quality assurance on various web and mobile platforms. Software testing companies use this tool to check the functionality, performance, load of the application that is to be verified. It can be installed and run on Windows based machines and the recent version offers continuous integration capability on Mac, Linux with USB support.

The use of Telerik Test Studio

Test studio is an easy to use and innovative automated web, load and WPF testing solution that supports essential technologies like Silverlight, PHP, MVC, Ajax and ASP.Net. The platform allows the users to schedule, create and execute automated, functions, performance and load tests on web applications that are executed on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and on mobile apps that are developed for iOS and Android platforms. The tool also offers a manual mode for the testers who are looking for a more hands-on approach.

The support it offers to automation

Telerik Test Studio functions by using a graphical interface and this helps the testers to interact with the application without any scripting involved in it when it comes to creating automated tests. For new scripts, the testers open the project and load the code of the app and once it is loaded on the platform, they can run and interact with it on screen. The users can hit the record button and keep track of the process of what the tool will be testing. The entire process is interactive and for specific elements, users can establish more in-depth protocols for the platform, by a click of the mouse.

Test Studio functional testing is a cost effective and comprehensive automated suite. Testers can use it to complete the task fast and smoothly with the product's point and click interface. The tool offers exclusive features like 3D elements and visual storyboard and also script-less automation for Silverlight apps.

Test Studio Mobile is an easy, intuitive testing automation solution that is used for mobile app testing. You can create scripts once and test it across multiple platforms and devices. The click functionality allows the users to quickly capture and replay any complex cases without even writing a single line of code.

Test studio load helps automation testing companies to capture, replay and multiply complex web traffic. You can record the HTTP traffic from mobile devices, desktop browsers and replay the traffic of virtual users spread on multiple machines.


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