Adding Web Parts to a SharePoint Site


A web part, also known as a web widget is a server control tool based on ASP.Net which is added to Web Part Zones of the Web Part Pages by the users during the runtime. This helps the users to modify the appearance, contents and behavior of a page directly from the browser without accessing any special software. They act as important components of ASP.NET based websites and are used very frequently while developing SharePoint portals.

While dealing with web parts, one of the very basic tasks is adding them on a page. For doing this, there are basically 2 methods available. These are:

1) By using the “Add Web Parts” dialog box

2) By using the tool pane

These 2 methods can be described as below:

By using the “Add Web Parts” dialog box

This is the fastest and the easiest method of adding parts on the pages. The dialog box can be used to quickly add document libraries, image libraries, video libraries, lists and other types of web parts on a page. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allows adding multiple items at a time into the list that appears in the dialog box and using few of them for selective user groups as per the need.

This is an easy 3 step process which can be done as follows:

  1. Log in to the SharePoint portal as administrator and go to “Site Actions”. Then click on “Edit Page”
  2. Scroll to the desired zone and click on “Add a Web Part”
  3. In the dialog box that appears, check the boxes in front of the items that you want to add to the page. This way, you can select multiple items and add them on the page altogether in one shot.

By using the tool pane

This is comparatively detail oriented process for adding parts to a page and provides better control over which items are added to the page. This enables the website administrator to navigate to different galleries, search for or import new items into the web parts galleries.

Under this method, the website administrator needs to follow these steps:

  1. The initial process is same. The website administrator needs to open the dialog box as mentioned in method 1 and then click on “Advanced Web Part gallery and options” to display the tool pane.
  2. Now in the tool pane, you can add parts by performing any one of the following actions:


You will find an arrow at the top of the tool page. Click the arrow and then on Browse. This will show up a list of galleries available. Click any of the gallery names to view list of parts available under that gallery. If the number of items are more that than can be accommodated in the view, the gallery will show active arrows for navigating next and previous items in the list.


After clicking the arrow at the top of the tool pane, you will find a search bar. You can search for a part from that bar. This becomes helpful when there are large numbers of items available and it is difficult to browse through all of them to find the one we need.


Similarly, for importing a new web part into a gallery, the administrator can click on Import button after clicking the arrow icon and add new items to the gallery.


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