5 Questions to Ask Your Web Developer Before Outsourcing Your Work


Choosing a web developer can be difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the intricacies of the internet, search engines and web standards. A web developer is equipped with a larger range of skills than that of a web designer. Along with designing, he/she can handle generally XTML coding, graphic layout, creating databases, programming and testing web standards. Often web developers give a good presentation and convince you of giving a good output. But they may not be able to meet the standards you expect when they get down to work. So it is better to be vigilant about choosing a web developer. Here are some question you should ask the web developer that ca help you in making the right choice.

  • Is he a “web developer” or “web application developer”?

Many people claim they are web developers and all they know ASP.NET. They believe they can build a websites by using juts that. Don’t buy that. To build a good website, knowledge about XHTML, SEO and web standard compliance are all essential skills. 

  • Does he/she test the websites for their compliance with web standards?

Web standards are guidelines for creating websites that are compatible on a variety of browsers. Make sure the web developer is familiar with this practice. If the website does not work on multiple browsers, users may get annoyed and may not take the trouble to try looking up your website on other browsers.

  • Is he/she familiar with building SEO friendly websites?

It is important that the person knows about SEO standards so that he can make your website SEO friendly. 

  • What is the experience the person has?

It is not enough that the developer has a lot of experience. Check if he/she has relevant experience so that a website that matches your expectations can be built. 

  • Are the person’s communication skills good?

This is not directly related to web development, but is very important in getting the person to understand your requirements so that it can be executed properly.


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