Vintage Ludwig Drums – Are They Worth Your Time and Money?


Ludwig Drums , especially vintage models, are very popular. Collectors as well as drummers are always scrambling to find a good deal on Ludwigs. The 1960 models and older are very high on drummer's most wanted list. All you have to do is check eBay.

A reason for this huge demand for Ludwigs is because of Ringo Starr, a famous drummer for the Beatles. On his custom drum set, he put a Ludwig logo right above the famous Beatles logo. As a result, Ludwig received a big boost in sales. Before switching to Ludwig drums, Ringo used Ajax and Premier drum sets.

As far sound is concerned, Ludwig drum are top notch. Vintage Ludwig drums can sound just as good as any modern set depending on the head selection and condition. A 1960s ludwig set sounds great in a treated studio as well as live setting.

According to some professional drummers, vintage ludwigs sound better because on the aged mahogany wood found on these particular sets. Current cheap drum kits use "phillipine" mahogany wood and they do not sound as good.

Let's Take a Closer Look

You need to know what vintage ludwig drums are all about if you are considering them. To form the plys, the older models had a poplar wood and mahogany combination. If you are using the bass drum as a weight gauge, the set is lightweight as well as three ply.

The drum shell stays round over time due to the reinforced hoops on the inside bottom and top edges. Vintage ludwigs are also easy to tune because the drum heads fit nice and loose. Of course this is assuming that the drum set is in good shape and the bearing edges are even.

The drum finishes for these classic Ludwig models are plastic wraps. The designs offered included the classic black and white marine pearl as well as the natural wood maple finish. Ringo Starr's unique "oyster black pearl" was also an option. If you are looking for great sounding drums, vintage ludwig drums are worth it. Just make sure that you shop wisely.


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