The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – Wow, Take a Look at This


The Nokia N810 is an Internet Tablet with an integrated GPS receiver and antenna, and because it is an internet tablet, it offers support that smart phones do not.

The Nokia N810 is great, it's easy to use and set up, the web pages load fast, and it's just like having a laptop in your palm. It is very obvious that this gem is the undisputed leader in terms of features. It's like a handheld computer, with a display of 800×480 pixels and 16 bit color, a touch screen for stylus input, a slide-out keyboard, crystal clear sound, a camera, a GPS receiver, and wireless networking with much more besides.

Designed to complement your mobile phone (rather than replace it), the pocket-sized Nokia N810 is compact, powerful and impressively fast to use. It is powered by Maemo Linux-based OS2008, which offers a highly customisable user interface and contains various features such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax, Adobe Flash 9 and RSS feed reader, plus Bluetooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features .

The Nokia N810 is infused with a TI OMAP 2420 processor that runs at 400mhz and 128meg DDR2 memory. One of the biggest and most noteworthy additions is the new slide-out QWERTY keyboard while a completely new feature is the integrated GPS.

With up to 45 hours of music playback, storage for up to 7,500 songs and built-in GPS, the Nokia N810 is perfect for the person on the go. Never be bored again whether you're traveling on the trip of a lifetime or on your daily commute to work, this beauty is the perfect traveling companion.

The Nokia N810 is a beautiful, well-conceived and superbly crafted mobile device which looks like a personal, top of the range mini-computer. You truly will not be disappointed if you choose to buy one.


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