The 9 to 5 Life in the Skateboarding Industry


The following is an interview with Rob Colinson of LowCard magazine. Rob was nice enough to sit down with us and answer some questions.

Lets start at the beginning. How did you get into skateboarding and what things affected you? First memories of skateboarding are these dark knight skateboards with clay wheels that my dad bought for my brothers and I for x-mas, I actually still have 2 of the decks. Then I did not skate for a few years, picked it back up at age 11, plastic board, then a variflex, then a valtera, then a Hosoi skull skates. I always had a draw towards skateboards. Miles and Mason Phillips were the older dudes that had 1/4 pipes and good boards, I definitely looked up to them, Ajax killed it also. I remember seeing a Vancouver vert contest video with Neil Blender that was sick. We were ghetto, just bank and launch ramps mostly, usually made out of chip board. Kick turns, acid drops, mute airs, those were our tricks.

What was it like having to start out skateboarding in Maine? How many days of the year can you actually skate? Growing up in Maine was just like any other small hick town, cops hated us, jocks hated us, most parents hated us. Lots of fighting for sure. Lots of our ramps thrown off bridges into the ocean and rivers by the hicks. To hell with them. We did our own thing. All those people are probably still stewing in their own mess, hating their own lives. As far as the weather, we deal with it. In the winter we'd skate in basics. Laban lived there for a few years and had a barn that we made a bunch of wall ride ramps in. We had a mini evening outdoors and would shovel it off in the winter and gear up for the weather- gloves, scarves, thick jackets, and we were not accessorizing! So we actually skated most of the year, we had to work for it.

When and why did you decide to get out of Maine? Where did you go? I left Maine as soon as I graduated high school in 1992 with $ 600. I helped my friend Nate move to Indiana, I stayed there for about 8 months washing dishes at a diner do to lack of money. I met Jay Marsh in Indiana and we had plans to move to SF. Although first I took a train to San Diego, stayed with Laban for a month, skated, partied and went all the way back to Maine to raked blueberries for some money, went back to Indiana to work on a golf course with Jay to save money , then finally moved to SF in 1993 and have been here since. I left Maine Because I wanted to skate, see and do new things.

Tell me about your quick stint in SD. What was the scene like? What kind of spots were going then? My quick stint in SD was fun. That was still the small wheel big pants era. I stayed up in Encinitas, D street at Laban's skater apt … We skated mostly street spots. Laban rode for blockhead / invisible back then, so Dave Bergthold would take us to some spots. We skated his ramp, San Diego college, jump ramp school, those ledges in Solana Beach. All kinds of stuff. But Laban did not have a car so we just skated around Encinitas a lot and went to moonlight beach. We partied a lot also, drinking was a daily deal. It was definitely one of the best times of my life, skating, partying, no job for a month, it was great experience.


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