Some Rich Internet Applications Used by Web Development Companies


Rich Internet Applications or RIAs are web applications that have additional characteristics of being desktop applications. They are either delivered via site-specific browsers through a browser plug-in or through independent sandboxes or virtual machines. For RIAs to function, a web development company installs a software framework which uses the operating system of computer to launch the application. The software is what downloads, updates, verifies and executes the RIA. RIAs are mostly used in online gaming and other applications which need access to video capture. The three most commonly used platforms for RIAs are Adobe Flash, Java and Microsoft Silverlight.

RIAs offer a better and more engaging browsing experience that is sure to enhance the user satisfaction and also increase the productivity of your site. Using internet as a means, RIAs can be deployed across many browsers and desktops. RIAs are useful for business sites as they are proven to be cost effective and also deliver modern applications with many business benefits. RIAs help you keep pace with the rising expectations of the user and in turn generate more customer loyalty and higher profits. RIAs not only help in designing and developing workflow, but also leverage the existent processes, infrastructure and personnel.

RIA functions are usually divided across the internet or network by locating the user interface and all the related activity from the client side, and data manipulation and operations from the server side. One of the most distinguishing features of an RIA is that the client engine acts as an intermediate between the user and application server.

Adobe Flash platform, which is one of the leading solutions for building Rich Internet Applications. The Adobe Flash platform offers an entire set of integrated technologies that are supported by an established ecosystem. The Adobe Flash platform is a part of the Adobe Integrated Runtime, which is a cross platform runtime environment and uses Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, AJAX and HTML as desktop applications.

JavaScript, used mainly as a client side application, is another RIA platform used by many web development companies. It is implemented as part of a web browser to provide better user interfaces and create extremely dynamic websites. Yet another RIA platform is the recently launched Microsoft Silverlight. It was initially launched as video streaming plugin, but the later versions have additional features and support development tools like RIA.

An experienced web development company would be aware of which platform to use for optimum website performance and then run the RIAs accordingly to help your site get the optimum benefits.


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