Kompozer Vs Dreamweaver – Battle of the WYSIWYG Titans?


Professional website designers will tell you that to make good looking sites, you really do need some sort of web editor to make things easier. In an age where terms such as XHTML, CSS, AJAX and JavaScript are buzzing around faster than you can say WYSIWYG, it is now notoriously time consuming to build a website the old way which was with notepad.

Currently, there are hundreds of applications out there that you build a good website. Some are free, whereas others are paid products. We are going to take a look at the best of both worlds, and just see exactly why you would need to pay for an editor.


Basically, the main advantage of Dreamweaver is that it is standards compliant, highly featured webpage editor which combines WYSIWYG interface, CSS and JavaScript support. It includes FTP client and also code highlighting for PHP plus much more.


Kompozer however on the other hand offers the same standards based functionality, yet instead of running from a proprietary core it is based on the world famous Mozilla gecko rendering engine. It also has FTP support, so you can just publish your webpage from your PC straight onto the internet.

Whilst it lacks the advanced application development features of Dreamweaver, its price tag and ease of use makes up for it significantly.

Kompozer comes up trumps if all you need is a webpage editor. If application development is what you are after, then Dreamweaver with its $399 price tag will fulfill your every need.

The bottom line is, Kompozer costs $0 and produces exactly the same standard compliant HTML code.


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