How to Learn AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript And XML


AJAX, also known as Asynchronous Javascript And XML, has taken the Web by storm and has dominated the Web 2.0 stage with it’s flash-like features and awesome auto-generating effects.

AJAX is not easy to learn. But there’s a million text tutorials out there on the web on how to learn AJAX… but how good are they? Most are NOT worth the read. A lot of these tutorials are written by people who have little experience and are just looking for some more traffic to their websites in hopes of grabbing a few clicks to their advertisements.

But there’s still a few good ones. A guy by the name of Steve Holzner has written a few books on the subject and they’re VERY highly rated by very technical people. While other books get poor ratings and little sales – Mr. Holzner seems to get plenty of great ratings and, I’m sure, the books are selling like crazy.

In the link below – you can see Steve Holzner has now created a Video Tutorial series on learning AJAX. The series is simply amazing and you’ll be able to use these techniques to create some seriously cool effects on your website.

AJAX can be very tricky. Depending on browsers, users and other various problems that may occur – AJAX can give you a major headache. This is why I urge you to learn the CORRECT techniques in order to figure out how to bypass these basic problems that seem to be the biggest problem with learning this subject.

If you’re not a believer in AJAX – maybe you should think the correct way… what your USERS enjoy. This is a major problem for many websites these days; Webmasters think in terms of what they enjoy and do not enjoy, and not of what their users enjoy. AJAX has become a major advantage on many sites such as DIGG, MySPACE and various other websites. Yahoo! now uses AJAX in their Search Engine’s interface, similar to Google Suggest.

Be careful of whom you choose to learn from… just remember that there’s a lot of “know it alls” in this world and few are familiar with the products they preach about. AJAX can be tricky and can cause a lot of problems if you learn the techniques from the wrong “teacher”.

The video Tutorials below will teach you the correct way to use AJAX and you’ll be learning from one of the Masters of the subject. Not some kid who wants you to go to his website based on Gaming or MySpace layouts.

Don’t forget my mantra: Learn by doing, not by reading. If you’re not “doing” while you’re learning – you’re not really learning. Practice everything you learn and you’ll understand the subject a lot quicker!


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