How to Clean Grout With Oxygen Bleach


Before you begin with cleaning the grout you need to follow these safety tips. Clean the area you are going to do and sweep all dirty debris up. Pick a mop and swipe the floor with a lot of clean water and allow the water to dry. Before you are going to use the grout cleaner on the floor you need to check if the ventilator is on. Don’t have a ventilator? Open a window or door so fresh air can circulate through the room. Always use rubber household gloves when cleaning.

What kind of grout cleaner do we use?

We can use a grout cleaner made from household articles or buy one in the store. What I have discovered is that using bleach and hydrogen peroxide to clean grout work perfect. What you certainly want to do before using any of these chemicals is testing a little spot on a tile and see what the effect is. If the color stays OK you can use it. One other important note is that you have a good ventilation when you use bleach or hydrogen peroxide because their fumes are very strong and it is not good for you to be in an area with those fumes also in it. If you use oxygen bleach of high quality you probably get the best result. There is almost no fume in comparison to bleach and much safer to work with.

The cleaning process

Follow the instruction on your bottle of oxygen bleach and mix it with water. Now you have made the perfect solution to tackle grout with. Wipe the floor with the mixture and leave the solution soak for 45 minutes. Make sure the floor is not dry but a little bit of water everywhere. One good brand on the market to clean grout with is Ajax Oxygen Bleach Powder cleanser, this product is for sale at and costs around $25.

Back to the cleaning. Mop up the dirty water and begin to scrub the spot that really need attention. You can scrub with a special grout brush. If it is still difficult to remove the grout stains, swipe the floor again and start the process all over again.

If you do this regularly you will notice it does not take so much time anymore. If you really want to see the difference of your effort take a picture before and after to see the difference.


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