How To Add A Commenting System To Static HTML Pages And Mini-Sites


When creating mini-sites, most of the times your mini-site is just a static HTML web page (no fancy content management or dynamically update content). In some mini-sites, you may not be selling something at all.

You could be creating a landing page for affiliate programs, a special web page with video, a special ebook download page, etc …

In the past few days, I created a mini-site, with only a few pages. Each page has a video that I created with Camtasia. And I wanted to know what people think of the video. So I thought that I should add a commenting system to the pages.

When you run a blog, you have the commenting system built-in. But with a static page, how do you add a commenting system to it?

I needed that. So I search around looking for a commenting system.

And I found a great one by

Check it out –

You may need some technical skills to get it up and running. It requires PHP and MySQL. But your website can be on a different server, calling the PHP script using SSI.

What I like about it is that it's packed with features. You can set it up with Akismet (WordPress' anti-spam system), Captcha image, IP blocking, flood protection, Text Link Ads integration, word filter and many more.

One feature that I hope they add later is AJAX commenting. With AJAX, sometimes the page does not have to load every time you add a comment. AJAX commenting is something that you see at You see that you can add a comment, but the video does not reload.

Anyways, I think this script by is great. If you want to add a commenting system to your static websites, then you can consider this.


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