How Do I Write a Cover Letter to Get More Interviews?


Have you ever sat down with someone and asked, "How do I write a cover letter to get more interviews?" If so, what was the person's reaction? Although it is becoming a better known part of the job seeker toolkit today, the idea of ​​cover letter writing as a means of getting job interviews was largely ignored by many. I know this, because in years past, even I (ashamed as I am to admit it today) never paid a lot of attention to anything but my client's resume at the time!

So much attention has been given to the resume – and rightfully so – however, the idea of ​​spending time crafting a letter to accompany the resume has not been as well developed. Until now!

We now understand the importance of writing a good cover letter in getting job interviews. Here's why:

If you do not catch your reader's attention right away – which means the moment he or she opens the envelope – you have just missed out on an important part of the equation. It is critical to hold your reader's attention right from the start! And so, asking "How do I write a cover letter to get more interviews?" is one of the best questions you can have with regard to rounding out your job search efforts.

After a hiring director or human resources manager opens your application package and glances at its contents, there is only one thing you want him or her to do as a result: Call you in for an interview!

So, to get the attention of this important person – the person who is in charge of calling the best candidates to interview, a good cover letter needs the following components:

1) A salutation directed to a real person. In other words, no more "To whom it may concern," or "Dear Hiring Director." Because you now know the importance of cover letter writing to get more interviews, the days of the bland salutation are gone forever!

Instead, you will make sure that you know precisely who your letter is going to. Right? Right! And how will you get that information? If it isn't listed in the job posting or otherwise found in your research on the company, you will find it by calling the company and asking!

That's right! It really is that simple. You don't have to worry about a "gate keeper" not allowing you to speak with the person – all you want is the person's name. You can tell the gate keeper that you are just doing the best job you can to ensure that your job application goes to the right person. All you need is the appropriate person's name, correct spelling (don't forget that one!), And title.

2) Next, you need a hard-hitting, opening statement or a few statements that tell the company exactly why you are the best person for the job. Let's say you are applying to be a salesperson for a software company. Instead of the usual:

"Please accept my application for the job posted in yesterday's paper," (which is sure to bore your reader to tears), you want power and conviction in your words!

Have a look at how much better this sounds in comparison:

"Your need for an energetic representative to help Ajax Software's sales efforts came through loud and clear to me. Here are 2 compelling reasons why I may be just what you are looking for …" And then below, you can explain what those 2 compelling reasons may be!

So, if you have been asking "How do I write a cover letter to get job interviews?" then applying these 2 points alone in your job application, along with the confidence and knowledge that you have exactly what the company needs will instantly improve your entire application and bring you to the top of the resume heap!

And because you are writing a good cover letter that grabs someone's attention right away, you have already received a "gold star" in the reader's mind and you are one step closer to getting job interviews!


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