Four Letter Domain Name Prices Reasonable?


After visiting a few domain forums doing a little research on some domains. I was baffled by the fact that there was a few threads tracking the value of "" and "" To my amazement I could not imagine why anyone would want to own four l's for a domain. Since it does not actually describe what the website is about. Then I thought about the human nature aspect of owning a domain name with four letters or numbers. Since, not many people will actually be able to own that kind of domain name! Of course, that adds to the value that four letter domain names, but since the internet is constantly growing. Even becoming more popular every year and has even more time to grow I think the value is reaffirmed.

The internet is massive and is constantly growing with the introduction of blogs that allow people to interact. Since, technology also keeps expanding into more powerful languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Ajax, PhP, and Java continued expansion is a logical assumption. Not only that, hosting and storage prices have come down a lot since 2000. Making it much more cost effective to host your own website. Which again adds to the value of domain names, since it's adding demand for the need of domains. In my opinion as long as storage becomes cheaper, technology makes websites file sizes more compressed, then demand will continuously rise for domain names. Including the domains that are four letters with no apparent value other than there demand.


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