Faster and Easier, Offshore Web 2.0 Product Development Solutions


Web 2.0 encapsulates the idea of using the Internet as a medium of interaction between the user and the provider.

In simple terms, Web 2.0 allows businesses to embrace the strength of the web and use it as a platform to provide greater user interaction. Businesses worldwide are increasingly feeling the need to use Web 2.0 to help growth of user driven communities and enable this to be the ideal generation point for businesses.

For companies which are concentrating on business activities and have little or no time to develop Web 2.0 products, offshore web 2.0 product development companies offer the necessary breather. These companies offer assistance and services across the ever-evolving cyberspace. Taking business one step ahead from Static web pages, products developed using Web 2.0 will encompass greater information creation, storage and dissemination capacities.

Offshore Web 2.0 Product Development Competencies

Typically, product development companies will provide a host of services. Depending on the needs of a specific business, solutions can be customized to the business.

o Ajax-based, Adobe Flash and other Internet application techniques which enhance the user-experience in browser-based applications.

o XHTML and HTML markup which is semantically valid

o Cascading Style Sheets which separate presentation from content

o Syndication, aggregation and notification of data in RSS or Atom feeds

o Mashups or other means to merge content from different sources, both client- and server-side

o WordPress and other publishing tools

o Wikipedia and other software which supports user-generated content

It is widely accepted that Web 2.0 has heralded new developments in the Internet horizon. The economic value of the Web has increased with users using the Internet to interact, shop and do more things online. If you want to avail the advantages of Web 2.0, utilize the outsourcing services of development companies who have a breadth of expertise in developing tailor-made products.


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