Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts


It’s no wonder that so many television shows and films feature dogs that we grow to love considering that dogs are man’s best friend. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the dogs that stole our hearts or made us laugh over the past several decades.

Buddy was the real name of the golden retriever in the movie Air Bud. The happy news is that Buddy was rescued from a pound before becoming a movie star, but after the movie he had to have one leg amputated and then later died of cancer.

Stretch is the real name of the bloodhound that played Duke on The Beverly Hillbillies television show.

Who could ever forget Cujo, the killer St. Bernard in the movie made after the Stephen King thriller? The dog that played Cujo was actually named Daddy and was trained by Karl Lewis Miller, who trained the dogs in Babe, Beethoven and K-9. Speaking of the movie K-9, the German shepherd credited as the character Jerry Lee was actually named Rando. Three identical German shepherds were obtained from Germany, for two of the dogs couldn’t understand English, just German, so they were used as stunt doubles for Rando.

Ajax was the real name of the golden retriever Speedy on the television show The Drew Carey Show. Interestingly enough, Ajax was the understudy for the dog character of Comet in the television show Full House.

On the television sit-com Frasier, the dogs kept the role in the family because Moose was the original Eddie and Moose’s son, Enzo was a stand-in for Moose and later took over for Moose when he became too old for the role.

Even animal actors can get fired, as is the case with the dog character Agent K-13 on the Get Smart television series. The producers wanted an unknown, untrained dog. They started out with Fang, but he was fired for not doing what he was supposed to do, so his replacement was Red.

It took two Chihuahuas to cover the role of Bruiser on Legally Blonde. One of them was Moondoggie, who just happened to be the roommate of the Taco Bell Dog (Gidget) and the other dog actor was Maverick.

Just like human actors, some dogs get around, as is the case with Cody, the Alaskan Malamute who played the role of Nanook in the movie The Lost Boys. Cody also starred in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and On Deadly Ground.

The University of Georgia loaned their mascot, Uga V to play the bulldog in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Has anybody ever watched the movie Old Yeller without crying? Spike was the Labrador mutt mix who played Old Yeller, who was rescued from an animal shelter in Van Nuys, CA.

Just like there are models and supermodels, there are dogs and superstar dogs. Higgins played the character Mr. Higgins on the television show Petticoat Junction, and then later became the legendary Benji.

Sylvester Stallone’s sidekick in Rocky was Butkus, who kept his real name as the character’s name and was a Bull Mastiff. Many dogs played characters of the same name, for example Happy, the mutt in the television drama 7th Heaven was really named Happy and was rescued from an animal shelter when she was just 7 months old. Rin Tin Tin is one of the most famous dog characters who starred in numerous shows and whose character was named after the real dog’s name. There was also a Rin Tin Tin, Jr.

Even though none of the Seinfeld characters actually had dogs themselves, several were featured during this television series. The part of the Australian Shepherd was named Ginger, who also played on Murphy Brown and the role of the Chihuahua was played by Speedy.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little peek into the world of canine celebrities.


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