European Cup Final 1970-71


Ajax 2 Panathinaikos 0

Van Dijk, Haan

Ajax: Stuy, Neeskens, Hulshoff, Vasovic (capt), Suurbier, Rijnders (Blankenburg 46), Mühren, Swart (Haan 46), Van Dijk, Cruyff, Keizer

Panathinaikos: Ekonomopoulos, Tomaras, Sourpis, Kamaras, Vlachos, Elefterakis, Domazos (capt), Kapsis, Grammes, Antoniadis, Filakouris

The star of the Ajax side was still Johan Cruyff. Now 24 he was generally considered as one of the top players in the world. Captain Velivor Vasovic was now playing in his third final and, despite having scored in the previous two occasions, was still looking for his first win.

Two of the new additions to the team were to be found in midfield where two young Dutch internationals by the name of Gerrit Muhren and Johan Neeskens were to play a large part in the success of Ajax over the next few years.

On the big day, Wembley was a cacophony of horns and klaxons as thousands of Dutch and Greek supporters converged on the famous stadium.

The game saw Ajax take an early lead when Van Dijk headed in a Keizer cross and from then on the Dutch side were in control of the game.

At the interval, Nico Rijnders, the defensive midfielder who always suffered from a high pulse rate, blacked out and had to be replaced by Horst Blankenburg – tragically Rijnders would die of a heart attack just six years later.

As the game wore on with Ajax still just one goal ahead, but historically the Dutch side, orchestrated by the brilliant Cruyff, sealed the match just two minutes from the end as he chipped the ball over the Greek defense and young substitute the net.

Ajax went on to claim their 1st European cup and start a period of domination with their distinct brand of football.


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