Diversion Safes – Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight


What is a Diversion Safe? Ask 10 of your friends and I'll bet very few could tell you what they looked like. Why? Because they're some of the youngest gadgets ever invented. They allow you to safely hide your valuables, yet leave them in plain sight!

So, let's go back to the question "What is a Diversion Safe?" Sometimes called a hidden or fake safe, a Diversion Safe is a product made from an ordinary object such as a book, soda can, candle or even a wall outlet plug.

These products are seen every day in homes – products such as books, cleanser, hair spray, canned soda, Desenex, even Kibbles' n Bits. These products are hollowed out, weighed to feel full, and with the top and / or bottom twisting off to show the secret hiding place for your valuables.

You can not tell the difference between the real product and the Diversion Safe. They look just like the real McCoy.

Now, how many of us still hide our valuables under our mattress, behind a loose brick in the wall or even under a floor board? Sure, some people think that nobody would ever look in their bureau drawer for folding money roled in a sock or in a hat box in the closet, right ??

Did you know that a burglar usually spends less than 8 minutes in a house? Why? Because he is looking for easy opportunities.

Do not you think that by now the burglars know the usual places to look! And yet we still use the same old hiding places. Well then, how about hiding your valuables where a burglar would not have the time to look. While he's checking all the 'regular' places, your valuables are out in the open and, even though they're in 'plain sight', he goes right by them without even looking.

Diversion Safes can discourage any burglar because he does not have time to search the entire house. Put the Diversion Safe in the space that it would normally belong, eg Ajax Cleanser might be kept with your cleaning products, peanut butter jars might belong in the pantry and so forth. What burgarar would look in a peanut butter jar for valuables?

And do not forget about your office, car or garage. Also, you might want to take one or two safes on vacation (there are burglars there too). There's enough of a selection for just about any place you might need. Diversion Safes come in many types of products – there are more than 6 different types of soda can safes alone.

Diversion Safes give you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe. No longer will you have to worry about where to hide your jewelry nor will you have to leave money on the kitchen table for everyone to see. Hide it in the salt shaker safe! These products are so versatile that you would find dozens of places to hide your valuables as well as house keys or even a note to your child or spouse. Just let your imagination run wild.

Diversion Safes are inexpensive with a great selection from which to choose. They make great door prizes and Pollyanna gifts. Would not one or two be great as house warm gifts for the new homeowner?

Law Enforcement agencies everywhere recommend Diversion Safes be used to protect your home and office valuables. Do you have any in your home or office? Do not be the next victim!


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