Diversion Safes – A Unique Home Security Product


There are a wide variety of decoy safes offered for sale to protect your valuables. Most go under the name of Diversion Safes. Many look like drink cans, food products, cleaning supplies and other items that you find around the house. There is even a flower pot and a book!

These Diversion Safes look like the real McCoy. They use existing product brands so that they do not look out of place in your home. Depending on the diversion safe, either the top or bottom is removable in order to place your items inside. You then replace the lid and put the safe in a location that the product belongs in.

The average burglar only spends around 10 minutes in your home. He is looking for items that will not take him long to find. He does not look at the Ajax that that is in with the cleaning products under the sink. He sees his time looking in bedrooms, dens and going through drawers and closets.

Some of the things you can do with the safes include placing car keys inside the cans so that if someone gets into your home they do not have any wheels to leave with. You can place money and other valuables inside these cans as well as important papers if folded correctly.

Remember, that these unique products are just what they say they are, a Diversion Safe. For example if you place valuable into an Ajax Diversion Safe and then place it in your computer room next to your laptop, it's not going to work. There is no diversion. However, if you place the same can under your sink along with your other cleaning products you have a much better chance of it still being there and untouched when you return.

Remember, some of the best places to hide things are in plain sight.


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