BoonEx – What is it and Why You Need it


Actually physically based in Australia, the producers of this unique Internet software tell us that it is used extensively as easily downloadable software for online community building. Basically the BoonEx software is free because BoonEx's express mission is to unite people. Currently their software is utilized world wide by slightly over 50 thousand community websites. The free platform, or downloadable script, which is based on XHTML, AJAX, MySQL and PHP, allows for people to share ideas, discuss jobs, perform extension trading, handle advertisements and carry out diversified business discussions among many other activities.

BoonEx is an extremely powerful community software, that has been around for approximately 5 years, which allows you to put into service your most brilliant ideas and apply them in real life to your very own community site. You will also find that the software can run both on Windows as well as Linux servers and it will also support server clusters.

The creation of an online community need not necessarily be connected to the business of promoting items directly to your members either or inviting them to make use of your business. You may wish to construct an online community for personal reasons, for example such as widow's help groups and other supportive online gatherings. There are a myriad of reasons to create an online community that will need BoonEx.

As for the types of sites who profit tremendously from using BoonEx, you will find it used extensively in mini chats, mailboxes, advanced search capabilities, matchmaking, geo-location, photo sharing, boards, media sharing, sponsored events, groups, video instant messengers, customizable profiles, video chats, blogs, music player facilities, and flash video player presentations among the many others! The reason that BoonEx is utilized so frequently is that it is so exceptionally versatile for niche communities, social networks, and even dating sites. When paired with desks, there is an AdobeAIR application, and there is a separate iPhone application too.


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