All Purpose Ceramic Tile Cleaner


Are your house-floor still made of bamboo or is it already made of ceramic tiles? If it is so, you better find the best cleaning agent for your floor to look good as new, everyday. Ceramic tile cleaner is an ideal cleaning agent to brighten up your ceramic tiles.

There are a lot and different brands of household cleaner and better choose the best quality and such as the all-purpose cleaner like the Lysol, Ajax, Mr. Clean, Softy cleaner, and many others.

Lysol is a brand name of a sanitizer of a household cleaner distributed by Rickett Benckiser. It is ideal for cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting household surfaces, especially to ceramic tiles. Lysol is highly concentrated, so before using it, you have to dilute it with water first. This is so, for safety precautions. The mixture of water and Lysol is one gallon of water and one teaspoon of Lysol. More than of the given amount of Lysol can be harmful to one's health. Moreover, Lysol is capable of killing 99.99% of germs. The fluid can be place in any empty containers and can be store for later use. Lysol may have strong odor that is why it could be very harmful to one's health. That is you should really be cautioned enough in using it and be aware of the instructions before using it.

Another cleaning agent is the, Ajax Cleanser. Ajax is a powdered cleanser introduced by Colgate-Palmolive in 1947. It was named after a knight, armed with an "Ajax," riding on a white horse. This powdered cleanser is best for cleaning and keeping the grout from becoming dingy. It can clean and brighten the ceramic tiles as you apply it with a few amount of it. It should be diluted as well with a little amount of warm water. But, if you use this, do not mix it with other diluted or concentrated cleanser. If you prefer to use this, use this alone to clean the tiles. This is a friendly use to people for it is not extremely toxic. Its chemicals are moderately mixed up, so there are less harmful effects on it. It is not at all really dangerous even if you use larger amount of it. It can also be keep and store for the next use.

Mr. Clean is also a brand name of a powder cleanser which can also be used in cleaning ceramic tiles. It is owned by Procter and Gamble and created in Costa Rica. After six months in the year 1958, it became the best-selling cleaning agent on the market. It has good scent, which is very ideal for the house temperature and for the family as they relax on their sofa after the cleaning thing.

But before applying the ceramic tile cleaner, you must first sweep the floor or use the vacuum cleaner. Then, use the mop with the household cleaner. But if using the mop can not remove the stains, grease, ink, you may use a sponge or clean, wet cloth to. Avoid scouring the floor as well as it may form a residual and avoid damaging the floor as well. Ceramic tile cleaner helps cleaning the tile easier and faster.


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