All About Ajax


Ajax is a scripting language that can turn a web page into something similar to an application. Users visiting a web page have to constant click things and change pages. With the implementation of Ajax, referring pages is almost non existent. While the normal user is totally unaware, Ajax retrieves live data from its hosting server and displays it onto the page without the hassle of refreshing pages and waits. High speed internet connections were once something to dream of, but now they are a reality. This technology allows internet pages to act exactly like desktop applications meaning the possibilities for websites are endless.

Ajax makes any web applications act just like you would see a desktop application behave. If you have experience with software programming such as Java or C ++, web programming using Ajax will be an easier concept to understand. Ajax allows you to pull data when needed, and display it to the user. While technology gets better, and dial up internet disappears live data will be the future. Ajax became popular in 2005 when Google Maps was released and people started to notice the potential it had.

Ajax is a more or less an advanced version of Javascript. Without a proper understanding of Javascript you will not be able to understand or right Ajax code correctly. Ajax is a great way to intertwine multiple web languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, CSS, and XML. You can turn these languages ​​into something that looks and acts just like a desktop application but is on the web.


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