Ajax Web Development: A Paradigm Shift in Application Development!


Ajax web development has given a whole new dimension to web-based applications development, and has emerged as a popular choice of many enterprises worldwide. For the development of synergistic applications, no platform can be as effective as Ajax, a truly good technical platform.

The complexity of repetitive web page loading can be eliminated though Ajax after the task of trivial modification has been done. Highly scalable, custom-built and premium-grade web applications can be developed using Ajax. Features like improved speed, responsiveness and usability are integrated to make the web apps user friendly. These are some specific attributes of Ajax web application development, which make it a preferred choice of businesses worldwide.

Dynamic web page content, even without refreshing the web page, can be easily completed through Ajax; This is quite suitable for custom-built web applications. Also, Ajax lessens the reliance on Internet-based applications. Since the time of web page browsing is reduced considerably, it leads to the development of user-friendly web pages.

Most enterprises today prefer to outsource projects to offshore Ajax companies for getting highly interactive websites. A good Ajax company offers you skilled Ajax developers for crafting user-end framework of a website, powered with powerful features and functionalities.

Now let's have a look at some of the tangible benefits of Ajax development. As static web pages cease to be the choice of the users today, Ajax development ensures enhanced interactivity and responsiveness of web pages and better quality of browser-based applications. Also, the user gets access to Ajax toolkit using which he / she can easily create ASP.NET based applications.

Network traffic receives a boost from the creative frameworks, which form a significant part of Ajax development theby leading to increased responsiveness. Ajax also plays a crucial role in saving bandwidth.

If we look around to find evidences of Ajax success, we're coming across impressive websites as Google Maps, Orkut, Gmail etc. This technology has managed to make its way into a broad range of enterprises from small start-ups to SMBs / SMEs and major technology companies, alike.

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