AFC Ajax – Amsterdam's Finest


If you're a true-blue fan of football, then you are unduly aware of Amsterdam's incredible club, AFC Ajax. Also known as Ajax Amsterdam – and sometimes simply as Ajax – the team has been ranked the seventh-best football club of the 20th century, which is a truly humbling design. Although the team's heyday was during the 1970s, it still enjoys a very loyal following. If you're planning to come to Amsterdam and they'll be playing, make it a point to take in a game.

A Brief History Of The Club

AFC Ajax was founded in 1900 and got off to a great start. By 1911, it was promoted into the highest level of Dutch football. During the 1920s, they picked up many regional titles. The same success continued through the 1930s and 1940s. In 1950, the Netherlands finally allowed professional football and AFC Ajax shot to prominence in no time flat. Although AFC Ajax enjoyed many successes, 1971 was their undisputed year of triumph. The club picked up European and domestic titles one after another, and flew through the early 1970s on a wave of unparallel achievement.

A Stumble, Followed By A Rebound

The club made some missteps after their prime performance early in the 1970s – especially after key player Johan Cruyff left – but thanks largely to the heroic coaching of Tomislav Ivi, the team rebounded around 1977. Once again, they were in their prime. In the years since, many footballers have made their name with the team: Jari Litmanen, Patrick Kluivert and Michael Laudrup, to name a few. As always, many hotels in Amsterdam saw their bookings soar when an important match was imminent.

AFC Ajax: Check Them Out For Yourself

Although there are many great reasons to visit Amsterdam, there are few better ways to experience the passion of its citizens than attending an AFC Ajax match. Amsterdam hotels do tend to fill up around the time of a particular critical game, so visitors need to take that into consideration. However, watching these professional footballers do their thing at the Amsterdam Arena is simply unforgetable. Finding deals on hotels in Amsterdam is possible, especially if you make your plans early enough. With any luck, you'll be able to book Amsterdam hotels right near the arena and can make a weekend out of it. Win or lose, watching the historic AFC Ajax club play is a very memorable experience.


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