10 Job Skills For Web Designer


If you are a web designer or a web developer or looking to become one, there are sets of skills you need to understand to become a good one. Here is some information about the skill, where to learn about, materials, trainings and uses for a web designer or a developer.


This is the most important thing to be learned. HTML shows important, easier and useful works so that your designs will be more effective. Compared to a WYSIWYG editor, those HTML editors are more effective. Even web designers who do not plan to do much work outside a WYSIWYG editor should learn HTML so that they know the basis of their Web pages.

2) CSS

Done with HTML, the most important thing web designer can learn is the CSS. CSS controls and determines how the page will look. It would be dangerous to make cutting edge websites without CSS learned.

3) Design Sense

One thing web designers should have is the sense of design. Not just knowing the colors you right, but also the element of design and the basic design principles. On the other hand, without web developers do not work as freelancer, he / she does not need this skill.

4) Java Script and Ajax

This is the first interactive element of a website. JavaScript must be learned before any other languages. After understanding Java Script, it will then connect or extend to other applications and create Ajax websites.

5) PHP, ASP, JAVA, Perl, or C ++

Programming Web pages starts w / the language you use. There are many options, but there are some popular ones. PHP is the easily leader. Web designer who do not know about programming language will still be employed, rather than a web developer who knows nothing.

6) My SQL Database

This is the most popular database. For web developers knowing some database is very helpful.

7) Flash

Through flash, web designers and developers can create interesting webs. This can also enhance designs and graphics knowledge.

8) SEO

Search Engine Optimization is useful for anyone building web sites. HTML affects SEO as well as content and image quality.

9) Web Server Administration

This helps Web developers to troubleshoot their script and programs. Web designers do not need to know how to manage a server, but could benefit from. Knowing simple things like shell access.

10) Project Management

This is a critical job. This helps to keep on track and manage things properly. Both will benefit from project management, either Web developers or Web designers.


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