Website Template Usage, Beyond What You Already Know


When it comes to search engine ranking “cute won’t cut it”.

While search engines can generate a mind staggering volume of

traffic what they feed off specifically is content. Search

engines utilize software known as crawlers or spiders.

Unfortunately spiders are blind to web design they do not index

images or flash animation. Essentially a spider will visit your

website peruse your content and report back to the search engine.

Based on the creepy little crawler findings your site achieves a

ranking. The higher the ranking, the more visible your site

becomes and a greater number potential customers using search

engines will be more likely to find you. Needless to say our

goal is to achieve the best possible ranking. So given that

beauty is only skin deep and content is king, “Why would you

spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional web designer?”

What’s worse; drive yourself crazy looking for original

concepts, matching appropriate color schemes etc, etc, etc…

Nevertheless people are influenced by the esthetic

characteristics of your design, and quality web design lends

credibility to your brand. While design might not be the most

important reason visitors end up finding your site, it is one of

the key ways to keep them coming back again and again.

Before you do anything rash, check out the alternative. Website

templates are ready-made web designs created to be used as a

basis for fast and high-quality website. Each template is unique

and completely customizable right out of the box. What is more,

most quality template shops will provide you with a free sample

template so you can evaluate the quality of the product and try

your skills before you buy.

These quality website templates are also perfect for self-taught

designer such as myself always hungry for knowledge and looking

for inspiration. I can’t count the number of times I have stared

desperately at my laptop in search of a new idea or two. Now

whenever I’m stuck, one of the things I like to do is browse to

one of these template shops. In seconds I’m perusing through

hundreds of different flash animated templates. Once I come

across a design that I find particularly intriguing I’ll

purchase the template download the complete set of source files

and study it. Ultimately I’ll be able to pickup a new masking

technique, duplicate a fancy movie clip, advance my knowledge of

ActionScript or simply find simpler solutions to old remedies.

In sum you have a couple of options available depending on what

skill you posses. If you feel comfortable around html and you

have time to do it yourself remember you’ll always be able to

get online help in a hurry. Check out the template help center

knowledgebase or speak to a website template specialists about

your problem. Also many good quality template shops will

customize your website template for you and even integrate many

useful script add-ons such as contact forms and the like, all

for a small fraction of the cost of going through a conventional



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