Web Design – How to Construct and Publish the Website


Web Design is mainly hypertext format used for demonstrating skills for creating presentation. It is delivered to the user with the help of World Wide Web. The main objective of Web Design is to construct a website. It uses various tags like HTML, XHTML, and XML.

Need of Plug-ins

For displaying features like sounds, videos, animation and vector graphics there is the need of plug-ins such as Java run-time environment, Quick Time, Abode Flash etc. All these plug-ins are invoked into the web page by using XHTML and HTML tags. To manipulate and position web page objects and elements CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is detected.

Types of Web Pages

There are two types of Web pages, one is called as static and another one is called as dynamic. In the case of static pages there is no change in the layout and content, until and after it is mainly updated. It is just a simple HTML page. On the other hand in the case of dynamic pages there is the change in appearance and content, depending on the need and requirement of an end user. It occurs by using client side scripting language like Actionscript, JScript, Java Script etc. to make variation in DOM elements constituting of DHTML.

Compilation of Dynamic Contents

The compilation of the dynamic content occurs on the server using server side scripting languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike ColdFusion, JSP, ASP, PHP, Perl etc. In the complex application both the approaches are used. It is a kind of graphic designing to provide aesthetic qualities along with high-end consumer features. In designing web site, web pages, multimedia or web application uses various disciplines like typography, search engine optimization, photography, marketing, interaction design, information architecture, human-computer interaction, graphic design, corporate identity, communication design, authoring and animation. The various tools which are used in this regards are as follows.

Multimedia technologies – Flash and Silverlight
Database technologies – MySQL and PostgreSQL
Server-side scripting – PHP and ASP
Client-side scripting – JavaScript

Publication of Website

A web site primarily consists of images and text. The first page of web site is called as Home page, Splash page or Index. Website can have a number of web pages which is nothing but an HTML having its own specific URL. Websites are published by using FTP clients. To increase the traffic or hits on your website you have to submit it to a search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or Google.

Standards for Web design

There are certain facts and features on the web on which the designer have no control like the input device used by the user, such as touch screen, mouse, operating system, cell phone, teletype, text or voice command; web browser used, the size of the browser window and the design, size, feature of the fonts which the users have enabled on its device. In this regard the Consortium of World Wide Web has made the standard for web design by combining XHTML with CSS.


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