The Future of RIA


Rich Internet Applications have revolutionized the Internet like no other technology has done before! It has made Internet popular among the masses. RIA development is seen as one of the most popular and challenging platforms in today's Internet business. Have you ever wondered what holds for the future of RIA? Will RIA developers be able to enthrall the Internet users in the future too? Will Adobe Flash Player lead the market in RIA race like it is doing now? These questions do really cross the mind of people who deal with RIA development.

Why RIA Development will survive?

  • Rich Internet Applications have made websites more interactive and attracted millions of new users to the web world. Scripting languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike the ActionScript have eased developer's work load, allowing them to add a lot more interactivity than plain HTML coding.
  • There has been a tremendous performance improvement in the platforms for developing Rich Internet Applications. Hardware acceleration is constantly improving, paving the way for the development of faster and feature rich RIAs.
  • Most websites are embacing Rich Internet Applications to support 3D images and videos which are set to become the basic standards in website development in the future. It can pack in more information in form of text and multimedia elements.
  • E-commerce is seeing sharp increase in the recent years and one of the main reasons has been the development of RIAs. It makes the transaction process easy and self-explanatory preventing customers from quitting in the middle of the transaction.
  • RIAs provide users with what is known as HDuX – High Definition User Experience. No page refresh is required in websites developed using RIAs. Websites can be easily integrated with desktop elements which can even work in the offline mode.

Technology for RIA

Adobe Flash Player has so far led the market when it comes to RIA development and is expected to do so in the future too. Microsoft in the recent years has shown keen interest in RIAs and is constantly developing the Internet Explorer. It is highly likely that an advanced version of Silverlight is on the cards in the near future. Another platform which is in the run is AJAX although it is still to give any serious competition to Adobe Flash Player.

Embraceing RIAs is a step into the future for any business and if you want to cash in on the web you need to do it. Outsource your custom RIA development project to an offshore RIA development center and get amazing applications to the envy of your business rivals. You will get to hire the services of good RIA developers in such places and more importantly save costs you are likely to incur if you wish to hire a full time developer under your own rankings.


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