Free Flash Animations: Reasons Why You Should Have Flash On Your Sites


Adobe Flash is a software product suite that provides technology for designing & delivering animations, presentations & websites. The “flashers”, in as much usually refers to Flash users, find this product extremely user friendly. Equipped with Flash, designers can create compelling 2D animations, presenters can make interactive & live presentations, & web designers can experiment with films, animations & just about anything which makes your site shine.

Flash animation is one of the sophisticated techniques available on the net today. It provides a combination of visual effects, image & vector graphic animation with low file sizes & therefore efficient download times. Flash animation is a great way to present complex content because it allows the designer to put more content in a short space without interfering with the site design. For technology sites, Flash is an ideal way to present a slide show or movie explaining a complex product, and on top of that, flash animation is multi-browser friendly.

What also goes in its favour is the fact that over 95% of desktops around the world have installed the flash player to view animation or movie with ease, or even listening to audio online. Having all these elements combined, flash is able to deliver great variety of presentation styles, making it a platform of choice. And also you cannot afford to miss the fact that the product or service also supports vector, raster graphics, & ActionScript, so it’s multipurpose in operation. Its improved scripting capabilities & server-side connectivity help to create a more interactive & engaging web experience which many users vouch that in this aspect, is a lot better than HTML.

Flash animation is also a vector-based Web design tool for viewing with high quality elements, regardless of the viewer window size. Flash can be used for navigation interfaces, technical illustrations, animations & other user friendly interfaces. Flash animation is vector based, which means that the pictures used in their creation are drawn with lines (vectors) & is resolution-independent, so their files are smaller than most animated GIF files, which utilize bitmaps & is resolution-dependent.

Webpages with Flash animation, get more traffic in fact it is a proven fact. That’s why most of the sites you observe today have flash animations as part of their sites. Site owners across different professions & industries are realising compelling potential of using flash websites to hook their audience. Because people visiting websites demand far more than just the boring old static web pages, many website owners are adding flash animations to spice up their sites a bit.

However, there are some negative aspects of the application for use in Web publishing. Unlike HTML, the Flash authoring software needs to be purchased, & as such isn’t a community-owned standard. Users who want to create animations or Flash banners, would be advised to look at alternative programmes that can do these (and can often be bought for a much cheaper price than Flash itself).

It is therefore unsurprising that Flash is now getting used wherever the technology has penetrated. Whether it is rich internet applications, or web publishing, web conferencing or E-learning & education, the product is able to create tremendous value. It also provides rich experiences across consumer devices & mobile phones. All in all, it’s an excellent creative tool that can be customised according to specific needs & requirements.


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