Flash-Based Sites – Positives and Negatives


Sites built with Flash content have become a rage in the most recent years since Macromedia is able to compile more number of features into this technique. Seeing the trend, it can be said that more number of such Flash-based sites would be seen all over the Web. But where a line should be drawn to measure its positive and negative aspects? Let us discuss them.

This technology's Actionscript opens up a vast field of various possibilities. Designers and programming professionals have been making use of Flash in order to create various interactive games built with the technology. The novel interactivity is always capable in leaving a magical effect upon the visitors who keep demanding for more of that fun and entertainment. A standard site that is Flash-based does not bring up any form of trouble with cross-browser compatibility. So be it any browser, whether Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other, woes relating a few css codes getting displayed differently do not exist anymore. When a site is built and its elements contain the Flash touch then it would appear the same on your computer given you have Flash Player installed on your system. Improved expression features via animation, flash intro and various other features help in making the messages to be given, more effective and clear. This is a light weight alternative for animation since it is vector based, which means smaller size of the files, and is opposite to real 'movie files' that are actually large in size or volume.

Talking about the flash player:

People need downloading it on their systems in order to view any such website or clips. This could be possible that many people might not opt ​​for viewing your content which is not very good news. In this case, you might need redirecting the visitors to first download the player and then view the content on your website. The chances remain bleak as to most of them would really download the player or not. The safest option is to keep a blend of the static and flash, else people would not be able to view any content at all.


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