Environmentally Conscious


With the rise in global warming and the rapid depletion of the ozone layer, we are now at a day and age in which nature is fighting back. In this scenario being environmentally conscious is a very good idea. Keeping in mind the environmentally conscious population in this world, animated maps give us a chance to plot the violators all over the world in an effective and visually arresting manner.

Take a map of the world. Decide on the colors that are to represent the top ten environmental hazards and then check the data you have to see in which the rates of these emissions are the highest. Once that has been figured out, it is a simple matter to color the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach country with the code that represents the most serious environmental violation and then add colored dots to represent the other violations with the frequency of dots marking the rate of these violations.

Once the basic map has been set up, we can add drill-down options to each of the areas which will lead us to more detailed charts which explain exactly how much damage that country is doing to the environment. In addition we have information about where the entire set of countries stand and also details about prevention methods and damage control initiatives. For the real Captain Planets we could also include information about agencies that are working on saving the world.

The best thing about using an animated map is that as the data changes, for example is the emission rates dip or rise in a country, we can modify the relevant ActionScript file instead of the whole set and this generate an updated map with the least effort . Related to this is the fact that animated maps are visually stunning and can be engineered to include graphics that perhaps show what the effects of global warming will be. Environmental consciousness is just one aspect that can be illustrated beautifully using animated maps. Absolutely anything with an area-wide spread can be visualized on a map that can be customized in any way way and then played around with the viewers in order to access the data in the best way possible.


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