Building Browser Games Quickly With Flash Game Source Code


Developing games is an involved and skilled process. Competence in a number of skills is required – programming, graphics, audio, design and more. Even building a simple puzzle game can be extremely time consuming, requiring design, development and testing phases.

While Flash allows for rapid development, even Flash games take a significant amount of time and skill to create, but there is a shortcut. Using pre-made and editable Flash game source code means that you can have your new game developed and published in hours, not weeks!

Flash source files consist of an FLA file, and possibly one or more AS (Actionscript) files. These source files, similar to Flash games (SWF files) are editable which enable them to be rebranded, reskinned, and republished as new and unique content.

Editing existing Flash game source code can be as simple as changing the in-game logo and links to the developer website. On the other hand, entirely new games can be created by changing the in-game graphics, and making changes to the game source code, affecting the gameplay.

All styles of game are now available as editable source code. From puzzle games to arcade games, there is a style to suit everyone. Just find a good source of Flash game source code , make the required changes (or hire a freelancer to make the changes for you) and you can deploy your new game on your site or blog within hours.

Once your newly edited game is ready you have a powerful tool for promoting your brand and website, and increasing your web traffic. Not only will a fun and unique game on your site attract visitors, and keep them returning, but you can also have your visitors promote your site for you.

By allowing your visitors and customers to embed the game on their own sites and blogs, you introduce a form of viral marketing, which can dramatically increase your traffic and exposure. Every time a new visitor copies your embed code to place your game on their website you get extra exposure, and a new link back to your site.

Start benefiting from your own Flash games today. Grab yourself some template files, rebrand them with your link and logos, and see for yourself the power of Flash games as viral marketing tools.


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