Adding a Video Spokesperson to Your Website


Video advertising, also known as a Video Spokesperson, Virtual Spokesperson, Web Commercials, Video Salesperson, Internet Spokesperson and Web Spokesperson just to name a few that will breath life into your website! You can have your own Video Spokesperson just like on TV that represents your company's website, services and products by capturing your website visitor's attention, delivering professional scripts and turning them into paying clients. Having a company website video spokesperson 24/7 that Welcomes, Greets, Informs and Sells your products or services to visitors right from the website.

Having video spokesperson improves conversions dramatically. By having a video spokesperson, your site is more compelling, direct, and less demanding than traditional text and graphic web sites. Most people today are too busy to spend unnecessary time searching a web site for information. A video spokesperson presents your key proposition and saves the user time. It stands to reason that this online video advertising format gets better, faster and absolute extraordinary results.

The technology used to create the video is called chroma-key. Chroma-key or greenscreen, is a technique used to remove or replace the background of a video. We use green because it is the color furthest from a humans natural skin color. This makes removing the background much easier. Most Hollywood production studios use blue backgrounds. This is because blue is a noisier color that is easier to remove from film. Green is less noisy and produces better results when digitally editing a video.

The key to producing quality video is lighting. The greenscreen must be evenly lit in order to get a quality key. This usually requires at least 2 lights depending on the size of the greenscreen. Then having the subject or acto lit without casting a shadow is the next challenge.

We recommend you view examples of a company's work to determine the quality of the video, and how interactive their flash players are. Flash plays compiled using actionscript can have many functions. Questions to ask are, does the company brand their video player? Can they add functionality like play a different video on each visit or light up a button by sending a command to create a rollover effect? Either which way you go, adding a video spokes person has proven to increase conversion rates up to 400%.


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